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Runners are allowed one bag per location and we ask that you keep them to a reasonable size no large backpacks, duffle bags, big coolers, etc as our volunteers will be transporting them to and from the aid station for you. Drop bags come back to the finish area once the aid station is closed for the day which means Cornet bags will not be back until close to 4 pm.

If you are not leaving the aid station by the cut off time, you will be given a ride back to the finish area by staff or volunteers. Our sweeps will be leaving right at cut off time, taking down course markings with them. If you refuse to leave the course after cut off and end up getting lost or injured, requiring search and rescue, our permitting agency could look at that as negligence on our end allowing runners on the course with no course markings or after the time we agreed to stop people.

We take this rule seriously and as it puts our permits in jeopardy, if any runner violates this rule, they may be subject to a ban from future races. Aid may only be taken at the designated aid stations. If there is anything specific the runners need for the 25K, they can leave it in a drop bag that will be at the Bowman Bay aid station.

Click below for more information. Volunteers for Deception Pass also have the ability to bypass the lottery the following year.

Just Deception: Peter and Izzy

Volunteer shifts range from just a couple hours in the morning to an all day aid station or something at the finish area. We promise you will have fun! If you are new to volunteering, check out the job descriptions page to decide which volunteer shift is right for you! We strive to create a welcoming community feel where runners and volunteers want to stay and hang out after they finish, cheer on their fellow runners, share trail stories and dance to live music!

We promise you the finish line will be just as festive for the last runner as it is for the first finisher. Our amazing pizza crew can accommodate just about every dietary preference gluten free, vegan, vegetarian , so when it is your turn to grab a slice, simply make your request and they will make a special pizza for you!

The post race party is free for registered runners, their families, and volunteers guest list will be monitored by a volunteer. Unfortunately we are not able to offer the food and drink to outside spectators. Those who appear under 30 will be asked to present ID for beer. The run is open to kids of all ages and parents can run with their kids if they want to. The run will start just prior to the start of the 25K race Sunday morning at am and parents simply need to stop by the check in table to sign a waiver and pick up a kids fun run bib!

There are plenty of lodging choices available in Anacortes and Oak Harbor, both of which are approximately 20 minutes from the start line. If you don't see what you're looking for enter your own details and contact info. And while satire is only a small part of the trust issue, it's an important one. It's vital that we stay true to our readers, which is why it's vital that we distinguish between real satire and a deception. I will say this again.

No lies, no deception, just honesty!

It's the knowledge that something is satire that makes it satire in the first place. After publishing this article, I got a number of angry comments over at Twitter, saying that my definition of satire is completely wrong and dangerous. The main argument appears to be that it shouldn't be up to the stupidest of readers to define whether something is satire or not.

In other words, just because people don't know that it's satire, doesn't mean that it isn't. Also, some people went on to say that satire is not defined by the readers at all, but by the intention of the creator.

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I kind of agree with this. Even if an article is clearly labelled as satire, some people will always miss that clue and read the rest of the article as if it were true.

And I agree that we can't outlaw satire just because some people don't pay attention. Nor am I even suggesting we outlaw anything.

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But that doesn't change my original point that it is only satire if people know about it , or potentially realize it afterward. Let me give you a couple of examples. And mind you, I'm not talking about this as a legal definition. I'm talking about this as a media analyst, trying to advise publishers how to think and approach satire in their publications. It's quite possible that you can get away with all kinds of things in a court of law, but that doesn't really change the point here that publishers need to be accountable to their readers. Wells' famous novel about a martian attack on Earth as a simulated news broadcast.

It was designed in a way so it appeared as being completely real. And quite famously, a lot of people believed it. However, they actually did start the broadcast by presenting it as a work of fiction. You can listen to the original right here and it's quite good :. The problem was, of course, that many people didn't tune in right from the very start. They tuned a little while later where they heard this:. So imagine that you didn't know what you were listening to, and you heard this. It's quite likely that you would believe that it was real. It sounded real. And this was exactly what happened.

Thousands of people were fooled into thinking it really happened, and because they didn't have social media to disprove it, people generally went into a bit of a frenzy. You see, what makes this a truly remarkable example of satire is when people realized that they had been fooled. It's that moment when everyone goes, "Ohhhhh!! Sure, quite a lot people got angry about it too, but that's also the nature of satire.

It's not designed exclusively to please people. It's designed to be eye-opening. Here, again, we come back to what I said.

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This radio show wasn't satire until people realized it. Up to that point, it was simply just a deception and a lie. It's the reveal that made it satire. Imagine if CBS radio had kept it a secret that it was all a lie. Then it wouldn't have been satire at all Granted, legally, satire might be defined by the intention of the creator, but ethically, it's defined by that moment when it's revealed.

And this is the problem that I have with so much so-called satire online. People claim that something is satire, but you keep it a secret so that nobody ever realizes it. That isn't satire. That's just a lie. Imagine that a journalist for a newspaper decides to write an article about you. But instead of actually interviewing you, he just makes up his story.

He writes that he has done an exclusive interview with you which isn't true , and he includes a number of quotes from you which you never said. So, what would you do about it? Well, you would probably pick up the phone and call the Editor In Chief of the newspapers. You would tell him that you never did an interview with this journalist, nor did you say any of the things in the article. What would likely happen next is that the editor would storm into where the journalist is sitting and demand an explanation.

And when the editor discovers that the journalist had just made up his sources, he would be fired. In fact, this has happened many times before. A few months ago, a sports journalist from a newspaper in my country did just this, and was promptly fired because of it. Journalists are not allowed to lie to their readers. They are not allowed to just make up quotes and invent sources. But what if, when the editor had stormed into his office, the journalist had simply said, "Oh, I meant it as satire!

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This journalist might claim it was satire, but he had still lied to both the readers and the editors. The editor didn't know it was made up. He didn't know that it was intended to be satire. So, the journalist is fired anyway. He lied, and he kept his intentions a secret.

But, what if the editor had known about it.

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Could then editor then just say, "Oh Again, no. Well, legally, you could probably get away with it , but it's the same problem. To the readers, the editor and the journalist lied. And just like the journalist was fired before, shouldn't both the editor and the journalist be fired now? You see the problem here?

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  4. The intention of the creator was never revealed to the receivers aka the readers. As such, they might claim it was satire, but to the public it wasn't.