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Now, at last, you have found others like you who can sense and manipulate the Force, others willing to risk their lives for the sake of justice, for the sake of restoring balance to the galaxy. Together, you are searching for the secrets of the outlawed Jedi Order and fighting against whatever evil you encounter.

Star Wars Forces of Destiny - A Disarming Lesson - Disney

The playable characters of Force and Destiny are all Force-sensitives capable of extraordinary feats and bound to a great destiny. As a compassionate Guardian you might use your lightsaber to aid the helpless and oppressed. You will be often forced to make difficult choices, and choosing theft, cruelty, and violence may pull you towards the dark side.

Force of Destiny, The (La forza del destino)

This enables you to experience the adventures of Force and Destiny as an fearless and foolhardy Ace Pilot or as an Edge of the Empire Scoundrel who has joined up with a group of Force users for his own personal gain. You can fly starships from Age of Rebellion as you flee from Imperial pursuers, or use the Force to help you smuggle valuable contraband out of Hutt space.

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The core mechanic of Force and Destiny is a skill check in which you roll a pool of dice to determine whether your action succeeds or fails. Custom narrative dice not only let you easily see whether you have succeeded or failed a check, but also provide opportunities to gain advantages despite a failure, or experience a setback even when the immediate action is successful.

Every skill check contains countless dramatic possibilities that can change the shape of your story.

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These shards of memory are shot on film stock; for Cox in particular, as fitting an emblem as any of the past. Scenes set in the present tense are shot digitally by regular Cox DP Ian Jones in the no-frills, slightly televisual style the director has adopted for the last decade.

Shooting in the same hospital in which the director received his own transplant, Cox is most successful in capturing the miniature moments of personally titanic import. That Robert is merely a spectator to them is part of the problem.


The character is a vessel for a public health message — an entreaty to give the gift of life by donating organs text saying just that precedes the credits. For all the worthiness of that message, Force of Destiny feels more earnest than some of the better PSAs, and just as literal-minded. For all the abstract discursions the film throws at you its imaginative scope feels very much earth-bound.

By making it all about him, Cox has squeezed us out.