Herds: Murder with an alien twist.

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If he found an extra sheep, he would pull out a knife and cut its throat. However, they bickered and in Dick tried to push her off a cliff. When that failed, he insisted she was trying to kill him and had her committed to a psychiatric ward. The kids were running in terror. Dick left her for a fan, Grania Davis, but later tried to kill her and himself by driving his VW Beetle off the road. Bees in head.

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Delusion was that an alien outside force was controlling my mind and directing me to commit suicide. He was gifted intellectually, and yet so emotionally fragile, as he suffered from terrible bouts of anxiety and depression.

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By he had become obsessed with sheep and was devoted to a small herd that he and Nancy kept at their California home — prompting him to write Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? By Dick was on 70 pills a day, had dumped Nancy and moved into a grubby house in San Rafael, California.

Friends recall a revolving cast of dangerously odd housemates.

Aliens Steal Cattle

One kept loaded rifles under his bed and was sure the FBI was out to get him. Another imagined that aphids were crawling over his skin, doused himself with bug spray and had to be rushed to hospital. He would often ring the police to express his concerns, among them that aliens were out to get him, or that he had somehow become an android and was a danger to humankind.

A few years later he tried gassing himself on car fumes in his garage, slashed his wrists and took another overdose. But the car stalled, the blood clotted and he threw up again. In he embarked on his final, fifth marriage, to year-old Tessa Busby. During their four years together, Dick believed he had been contacted by creatures from outer space via a beam of pink light. One extra-terrestrial, called Zebra, told him that time had stopped moving during the Roman Empire and that his existence was an illusion. He died from a stroke aged just 53, just four months before Blade Runner was released in At the time it was a complete flop.

It is alternatively hypothesised that cattle mutilations are the result of two unrelated deviant phenomena. The bulk of mutilations are the result of predation and other natural processes, and those with anomalies that cannot be explained in this way are the work of humans who derive pleasure or sexual stimulation from mutilating animals. Attacks against animals are a recognized phenomenon.

There have been many recorded cases around the world, and many convictions. Typically the victims of such attacks are cats, dogs, and other family pets, [23] and the actions of humans are usually limited to acts of cruelty such as striking, burning, or beating animals.

However, attacks have also been recorded against larger animals, including sheep, cows, and horses. On April 20, , Dr. Hibbs testified that mutilation fell into three categories, one of which was animals mutilated by humans [9] page FBI records did not record the percentage of mutilated animals that fell into this category. The standard criminal charge for mutilating an animal, including cattle, is animal cruelty.

Closely related to the deviant hypothesis is the hypothesis that cattle mutilations are the result of cult activity. The hypothesis that cults were responsible for cattle mutilation was developed in the U. In , the US Treasury Department assigned Donald Flickinger to investigate the existence of connections between cults and the mutilation of cattle. Flickinger recorded a number of 'unusual' incidents and circumstantial evidence, but was unable to find sufficient evidence of cult involvement for the ATF to take further action.

However, there were various reports during the time of menacing groups prowling around mutilation sites. In September , a forestry service employee in Blaine County, Idaho , reported seeing a group of people in black hooded robes. Several cattle were found mutilated in the area the following day.

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On October 9, , a motorist on U. S Highway 95 in northern Idaho, in an area of frequent cattle mutilation, reported to police that some 15 masked individuals formed a roadblock with linked arms, forcing him to turn around. Public interest in the cult hypothesis waned during the s, but interest was maintained by proponents such as the Colorado based television evangelist Bob Larson , who campaigned to raise public awareness of links between cattle mutilations and cult activity through his ministry and radio shows. Another proponent of the cult hypothesis is Montana author Roberta Donovan.

In her publication Mystery Stalks the Prairie she documents the experiences of Deputy Sheriff Keith Wolverton of Great Falls , Cascade County , investigating cattle mutilations with suspected cult involvement.

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Since the beginning of the cult hypothesis, law enforcement agents in several states and provinces, including Alberta , Idaho , Montana, and Iowa have reported evidence implicating cults in several instances of cattle mutilations. During their investigations, the FBI and the ATF were unable to find appropriate evidence, including signs of consistency between mutilations, to substantiate that the animals had been the victims of any form of ritual sacrifice or organized mutilation effort.

They were also unable to determine how or why a cult would perform procedures that would result in the anomalies reported in some necropsies, [9] : 3 or to verify that the anomalies were 1 connected to the mutilations themselves 2 the result of human intervention. In most cases, mutilations were either ruled due to natural causes, or the cattle were too far decayed for any useful conclusions to be drawn. Some cases of cult hysteria were traced back to fabrication by individuals unrelated to the incident.

In one case it was concluded that claims had been falsified by a convict seeking favorable terms on his sentence in exchange for information. Oliphant speculates cattle mutilation to be the result of covert research into emerging cattle diseases, and the possibility they could be transmitted to humans. To support his hypothesis, Oliphant cites the Reston ebolavirus case in which plain clothes military officers, traveling in unmarked vehicles, entered a research facility in Reston, Virginia , to secretly retrieve and destroy animals that were contaminated with a highly infectious disease.

The area had seen many unusual cattle deaths, and ranchers had organized armed patrols to surveil the unmarked aircraft which they claimed were associated with the livestock deaths. The police witnesses claim to have encountered several men in an unmarked U. Army helicopter in at a small community airport in Cache County. The witnesses asserted that after this heated encounter, cattle mutilations in the region ceased for about five years.

Biochemist Colm Kelleher , [34] who has investigated several purported mutilations first-hand, argues that the mutilations are most likely a clandestine U. Government effort to track the spread of Bovine spongiform encephalopathy "mad cow disease" and related diseases, such as scrapie. Theories of government involvement in cattle mutilation have been further fueled by " black helicopter " sightings near mutilation sites. On April 8, , three police officers in Dulce, New Mexico, reported a mysterious aircraft which resembled a U.

On July 15, , two unregistered helicopters, a white helicopter and a black twin-engine aircraft, opened fire on Robert Smith Jr. This attack followed a rash of mutilations in the area and across the nearby border in Nebraska. In , a few months after the first spate of alleged mutilations in the US, multiple farmers in Nebraska claimed to witness UFOs on the nights their cattle were harmed.

At the same time that UFO reports were being filed with law enforcement and larger number of ranchers claimed to see black helicopters around their fields, coinciding with the cattle mutilations.

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  • Although some initially thought these were used by cattle rustlers, suspicion soon pointed toward a military operation running out of Fort Riley , Kansas. Reporter Dane Edwards spread the theory that the government was testing cattle parts to develop biological weapons to use in Vietnam, going so far as to write to Floyd K. Haskell during his investigation to accuse agents of threatening him into silence.

    Vigilante groups were formed. Local folklore has attributed the mutilations to chupacabras or similar creatures. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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