Hommage à François Fejtö (French Edition)

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They have been arranged in parallel order to Series III and are identified by the cities and dates on which the seminars were held.

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Some of the photographs and the scrapbooks relate to exhibitions or other IACF sponsored events and activities and are identified in the inventory. Also included in this series are several illustrations and large posters. Subseries 4: Audio Recordings. The audio recordings relate to seminars.

Guide to the International Association for Cultural Freedom Records 1941-1978

The meeting was led by Luis Mercier Vega, the director of the institute. Due to the nature of the collection, there is some overlap between Subseries. Subseries 1: Correspondence. Letters, telegrams, postcards, memoranda, and other general correspondence is contained in Subseries 1.

Simé la Limière - Hommage à Kaya

This Subseries is further divided into three Sub-subseries. The first contains correspondence primarily concerned with the administration of ILARI and general correspondence. The second is organized by location, either by country, city, or specific seminar. The third contains correspondence specific to several publications, including Aportes and Mundo Nuevo. Subseries 2: Manuscripts. The second Subseries contains articles for the numerous publications distributed by ILARI, as well as papers delivered at various conferences and seminars. There are both final and draft copies of these manuscripts, and are arranged alphabetically by author.

Subseries 3: Reports and Projects. Memoranda, forms, and reports exist for numerous projects and seminars. Subseries 4: Financial Records. Many of these records include budgets and expenditures, either by country or by specific publication. Subseries 1 and 3 may also contain financial information.

Jean-Louis Vaudoyer (1883-1963)

Glazer, Myron and Penina M. Nielson and Michael Polyani Press Clippings, for photographs see Series V for oversized items see Box Reviews and Magazines, for photographs see Series V. Press Clippings, for photographs, see Series V. Press Clippings, for photographs, see Series V for oversized items see Box Summaries of Discussion, for photographs see Series V. Correspondence, R-Z, for photographs, see Series V. C, Box Transcript of discussion, for photographs see Series V.

Financial Reports, for photographs see Series V. Correspondence, Financial Reports, for photographs see Series V. Manuscript; Summary Report, for photographs see Series V.

Guide to the International Association for Cultural Freedom Records 1941-1978

Correspondence, Post-Princeton, for oversized items see Box Subseries Bergneustadt Pacifism and Violence, November Subseries Berlin Basic Structures of Knowledge: what we may no longer take for granted. The Critique of Science. Subseries Dublin The Persistence of Belief: the search for symbols. Takdir Malaya , Preuves , Brant, M. Brazilian Committee , Carreno, M. Committee on Science and Freedom, C.

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  4. Publications Ltd. Crosland—Crossley-Holland, Crosland, C.

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    Planning Committee , Crosland, C. Planning Committee , travel, Crossley-Holland, Peter, Davenport—Delcerro, Davenport, Audrey J. Szasz, Eastern European Stipends, Khartoum representative , Emmanuel—Employment, Emmanuel, Pierre, Employment agencies, Encounters, Encounters, distribution, Encounters, Price Waterhouse reports, Encounters, Encounters, Price Waterhouse Reports, Encounters, share capital payment, Executive Committee—Expenditures, Executive Committee minutes, Executive Committee minutes, resolution, organization, statutes, articles, members, Expenditures, Secretary, London office , Foyle—Freedom First, Foyle, W.

    Metz , Freedom First M. Kim, Bombay , Gastaud—Globe, Gastaud, J. Gokhale—Gourevitch, Gokhale, L. London , Gourevitch, Adolphe Tel-Aviv , Grants, Grants, application, Grants, private application Helen Luche , Gross—Guibert, Gross, Babette C. Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany, Hamburg Seminar, La sieste Aux Fortifs La toilette Fantaisie Au spectacle Dans le parc ou Jeux d'enfants La sentinelle La visite Deux jeunes femmes Femmes orientales Les fortifications Le devoir - Le plaisir Jeunesse Les Romanichels Dessinateur 9 [Cendrillon] Oeuvre de Julius Pascin].

    Cartes postales. Lithographe 1 Jacqueline Auteur du texte 1 Erotikon Pascin Jules Pascin ou Le dessin incisif Pascin libertin Jules Pascin, Widin - Paris Jules Pascin Pascin et le tourment La mort de Pascin Adieu Lucy Pascin, drawings C'est moi!

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    Documentation sur Pascin]. Images 8 [Exposition Galerie Lucy Krohg 10 juin juillet ] Pascin l'impudique Pascin l'impudique. Francis Carco Jean Cocteau Colette Georges Duhamel Raymond Escholier Jean Giraudoux Heinrich Heine Max Jacob Edmond Jaloux Jacques de Lacretelle Valery Larbaud Paul Morand Jean-Louis Vaudoyer Charles Vildrac Berthe Weill Chas Laborde Hermine David Jacques Despierre Marie Laurencin Albert Marquet Charles Martin Henri Matisse Luc-Albert Moreau Georges Rouault Maurice Utrillo Kees Van Dongen Maurice de Vlaminck Henry de Waroquier