How to Heal Your Migraine Headaches from the Inside Out

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Many women report developing migraine headaches right before or even during their period. Others report hormone-induced migraines during pregnancy or menopause.

Medications, such as birth control and hormone replacement therapies, can trigger or worsen a migraine. Constant mental stress can cause migraines. Too much sleep is just as likely to cause a headache as too little. What Mother Nature is doing outside may affect how you feel on the inside. Changes in weather and shifts in barometric pressure can trigger a migraine. Not everyone exposed to migraine triggers will develop a headache. However, some people are more sensitive to them. Several risk factors can help predict who is more prone to having migraine headaches.

These risk factors include:. Migraines can first appear at any age. However, most people will experience their first migraine during adolescence. According to the Mayo Clinic, migraines usually improve after age In fact, 90 percent of migraine patients have a family history of migraines.

Top 14 Best Migraine Hacks for Pain Relief

Parents are the best predictor of your risk. If one or both of your parents have a history of migraines, your risk is higher. During childhood, boys experience migraine headaches more than girls. After puberty, however, women are three times more likely to have migraines than men. Make an appointment with your doctor if you are having migraines. They can diagnose the underlying condition if there is one, and prescribe treatments. Your doctor can also help you determine what lifestyle changes you need to make to manage your symptoms.

Migraines occur due to abnormal brain activity and can be triggered by environmental factors, stress, and more. Here are tips for preventing these debilitating headaches. While your diet might not directly cause migraines, certain foods can trigger them. This article lists 9 foods and drinks reported to trigger….

Avoiding food items that commonly trigger migraines may help you lower your own risk of experiencing migraine symptoms. Here's a look at ten foods to…. For some migraine patients, overusing certain pain medications can actually make headaches worse. Learn what to look for and what to ask your doctor.

Getting regular exercise can help your body get used to it so a migraine is less likely to start. Also remember that exercising, if you are hungry or thirsty, is likely to trigger a migraine. Going through puberty is a really difficult time as your hormones are all over the place. Around 50 per cent of girls with migraine say their menstrual cycle directly affects this.

This is a good time to keep a note of your headaches and your period and see if there is a link.

Headache: Hope Through Research

If there is, you can be ready for them and take control. If you get migraine and are using, or plan to use, a hormonal method of contraception, the contraceptive pill, the patch, the vaginal ring, the injection, the implant or the mini-pill you should discuss this with your GP or family planning nurse. You should never stop using your method suddenly because this could put you at risk of pregnancy.

Be aware of the affect of alcohol, cigarettes and the partying lifestyle. Illegal drugs can lead to a range problems. All of these things can make you more vulnerable to an attack particularly if you are tired and dehydrated. Drugs can also cause you to grind your teeth which can then trigger migraine.

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If you feel a migraine attack coming, the earlier you start trying to stop it the better. Firstly, tell someone about it. Steps might include simple things like:. Your doctor can use your headache diary to make the right diagnosis, and to give you advice about things you can do to stop the attacks happening. There is no special test which can tell you if you have migraine. Your doctor will then be able to make a diagnosis of what kind of headaches you are getting and come up with a plan to help you.

Your doctor may also give you medicine to treat your migraine attack. These are usually called acute treatments as they are taken to get rid of the pain when you get the migraine. You might be able to leave a dose of the medicine at school or college, perhaps with your school nurse. The type of medicine you will be given will depend on what your headaches are like. If you often feel very sick, your doctor might give you something to help with this.

If your headaches are having a very bad effect on you, your doctor might suggest you take medication to try and avoid them. This is called preventive medication. It is used to try and stop the headaches from happening. You will need to take the medicine regularly, even when you are not having headaches.

Keeping a migraine diary will help you to work out if the medication is helping to cut down the number of attacks. It may be necessary for your GP to send a letter to the school informing them of the support you may need when you have a migraine.

Top 10 Migraine Triggers and How to Deal with Them

If your migraine is becoming so bad it is stopping you studying and keeping you off school you should ask your parent or carer to speak to the school about it. Your school or college should have guidelines about how to support you and your condition — see www. Sometimes your headaches might make you feel different from your friends. Say that you have to stop and rest for a while, but apart from that your life is the same. The way migraine headaches repeat themselves makes them identifiable, However, in some cases the headache may be caused by a more serious condition.

There are a number of important warnings that may suggest a headache is connected to a serious illness and should be reported to a doctor immediately:. We hope you find this information in this booklet helpful, but it is not a substitute for the advice a doctor or pharmacist may give you, based on their expert knowledge of your history, condition and treatment.

Our ebulletin also has news on the latest migraine treatments and events in your area, and how you can get involved in the work of our charity.

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You can sign up here or at the bottom of the page. Advice for teens Are you experiencing regular headaches? Do you feel that they are starting to control your life? You are not alone Seven out of every ten people in your school or college will have a headache at some time and more girls get them than boys. What is the difference between a headache and a migraine?

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  8. Migraine is more than just a headache. If you have migraine you may feel: really sick, and might be sick extra sensitive to light and noise during an attack that you want to lie down and sleep that moving about, or exercising, usually makes the headache worse. Types of migraine The most common types of migraine fall into two categories: migraine with aura migraine without aura.

    What is aura? Head pain Migraine can sneak up really quickly.

    Migraine and age

    Why does your head hurt? Can I stop it happening? Use your diary to write down things like: how you feel when and what you ate what time you got up changes in your routine for girls, the date of your period. Drinking Dehydration is a major cause of headaches and can go on t trigger a migraine. Studying and exams Remember to plan for time to get some rest and relaxation.