Just-Right Comprehension Mini-Lessons: Grade 1 (Teaching Resources)

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Walker Learning provides this through focus students and class meeting senior grades , as well as in Grades participating in the Lions' Club Public Speaking Competition.


Students participate in individual, small group and large group opportunities to express their thoughts and ideas. All Foundation Prep students are screened through a language assessment during the first Semester.


The Speech Pathologist currently visits the school fortnightly on a Monday. The teacher explicitly models a short focussed lesson on a comprehension strategy. Students might use their Reading Journal to record their thinking. At the conclusion of the guided practice group, the teacher will conference with individual students who have been reading independently, engaging in a conversation with the student about their reading. The conference ends with an agreed reading goal the student will practice for the next few lessons or until achieved.

The information gathered from the conferences informs the teaching for future lessons. The group share is related to the mini-lesson.

Inferring Mini-Lesson

Strategy and skill mini-lessons help students learn how to use the conventional rules of written language accurately and effectively. Stop after several sentences. The sentences are really hard. I picked this book because I love learning about the Statue of Liberty and this book has a picture of it on the cover. Let me read the blurb…. I know I found the perfect book for me because I picked it.

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In a minute those of you who are in a just right book will be walking quietly back to your desk to start reading and remember to jot down important events in your story on your timeline you started yesterday. Those of you who need to shop for a just right book stay here on the rug for a moment. Turn your attention back to the students on the rug. Dismiss them in small groups to shop for books in the classroom library. Depending how many students you have, you might have to review the strategy or ask questions of the students quietly while everyone gets a turn to shop.

Remind the adults in the room to give the students a chance to settle into their reading. Stand and Stare.. Today is day three, so I already have several pairs of students that I am going to support during independent reading. I have noticed that they are not reading but looking around and flipping through the pages. I will bring in my bin of high interests books and get pairs of students reading the same book. More on this strategy in the lessons to come. I also had several students make a T-chart and analyze several books as to whether or not they were good fit books.

Focused Mini Lessons

I wanted to deepen their understanding of how to judge if a book was a good fit or not for them, so I asked them to show me how they would rate several books from the library. The students picked three books, just as I had and completed the T-chart. A few students shopped in the classroom library.

Interrupt students and tell them in a moment Partner A will be sharing how their reading went today and new events added to the timeline. Then Partner B shares. End the lesson with modeling how to fill out the reading log. Students place book and log in their homework folder. Empty Layer.

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Buy As Gift. Overview This resource includes more than 50 research-based comprehension mini-lessons that will engage children and help teachers meet the standards. Each mini-lesson is linked to a National Reading Panel strategy, such as monitoring comprehension, generating and answering questions, creating and using images, summarizing, and more.

Includes lessons for fiction and nonfiction, plus ready-to-use graphic organizers and checklists.

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Product Details About the Author. About the Author Cheryl M. Sigmon is currently an educational consultant, working in schools nationally and internationally to help teachers integrate balanced literacy. She has served as a language arts specialist in the South Carolina State Department of Education, and is a former classroom teacher. Cheryl has coauthored several professional resources with Sylvia M.