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I just have difficulties judging a lavender marriage or a gay person choosing to have a straight relationship. We can call John Travolta gay but realistically what DO we know about his relationship with his wife or his sexual orientation? Surely it can work both ways? Pretty much everything I wanted to say about the situation. On one hand, yes, all the signs are pointing toward Travolta being if not actively douchey about this, then at least ignorant about his douchiness. The fact that he went all Scientologist on us when he was only 21 also gives me pause.

It has to be a shit situation no matter which way you look at it, so is outing him really going to help anything? I…am consciously staying away from the Scientology documentaries at this point.

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I think there might be some residual crazy to be picked up. Like it makes ME nervous to be possibly be a public figure someday. I think it might be finals. Probably is finals. I was in denial of my sexuality for a while and religious brainwashing was part of that.

And then I had to come around to it, mostly because of making out with lesbians and being mesmerized by girls in low-cut shirts. I would do perfectly fine without all the douchebags being outed.


I never knew about these rumors at all apparently I live under a rock. So Scientology hates gays. So does the Mormon church, the Catholic Church, Islam, and a lot of other religious institutions… It sucks, but what can you do? Dissenting on an online comment board changes very little. Is she actually a religious nutbag?

That Hubbard fella really was wacky though. I mean, how about him? How strongly did he deny gay rumors before coming out? You know,maybe grow the fuck up. But for young gay males? Pretty slim pickings as far as I can tell. Nice article.

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Goodness those links were scary. Does anyone else sometimes mix up Scientology and Mormonism? I just did that.

The Duggars 19 kids etc are actually part of the Quiverfull movement — not Mormonism — which is an offshoot of evangelical Christianity. This weekend I learned about Catholicism from a documentary about child sexual abuse by clergy, Mormons from a Prop 8 documentary, and probably will round it out with one of those Scientology documentaries over the weekend. Also, I love Netflix for supplying my leftist propaganda. I thought Travolta like Cruise being gay was pretty well known. The fact he hides it and then shields himself behind the principles of Scientology makes him a bit of an ass though.

And she is Carrie Fisher!

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This is what makes Carrie Fisher awesome. More to the point, I do think outing is complex. I see the point. But several married men have threatened to sue over rumors of straight affairs Ashton Kutcher and David Beckham come to mind. More than that, I do think sexuality is a complex thing and people who struggle with it make more complex than it has to be.

He could see the love and commitment he has with is wife as real.

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They have children together. They lost a child together.

These are genuine bonds. Or what being gay means, that its not an addiction or an illness to be cured by forking money over to the nearest Alien Clam. He needs to get away from Scientology. Basically, the man seems to be seriously messed up. Travolta via thru an interview she was on and it got back to him. John Travolta said he was flatter however preferred his wife or a younger leggy brunette being playful. Nor do the media — at this point. John Travolta has hardly lived a closeted life, even if he does live a bearded one.

And he expects every Hollywood rag and blog to lie for him or get sued; write nice puff pieces about his family life and new baby, and sweep all that they know about the rest of his personal life under the rug. On the one hand I feel like, OK! And I definitely do think everyone should vote with their genitalia! But for me personally: someone is using their platform to propagate hateful bullshit? Someone is using their public office to propagate hateful law and policy? Someone is using their religious office to push the hate agenda?

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Someone who is part of a religious or political organisation … no. Even someone who tithes or donates to that organisation … no. We have no idea how he feels about his sexuality. Should he be conflicted about it? In a perfect world, no. No one should have to feel any kind of negative way about their sexuality.

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But in this flawed world, there are many reasons to want our sexuality to remain private business. I grew up in a homophobic culture, and this has damaged me. Should I be outted because sometimes I still pray to the God of my childhood, and sometimes I go to church? Those are just my feelings. I have a lot of them today. I feel like there is a diff btw being a member of a church and being its spokesman, though. I feel like when you are one of the most outspoken recruiters for said group it might put a bigger spotlight on you….

IDK what do you think? In any event, I can empathize with your situation through loved ones that have lived it. Very difficult. I was just talking about this subject with my co-worker today, specifically Scientology, and the guy who started the religion was a science fiction writer which says a lot to me. Also, granted we read this bit on Wiki, he was quoted as saying he was going to start a religion that would make him a lot of money.

And he has the right, gay or not, to his privacy and the right to defend his fidelity to his wife. And as Riese stated his vehement denial of his homosexuality and the way he seems to be reacting to such claims is what makes people skeptical. I cannot get over all the naive attitudes in the media and the general populace! The percentage of actors, male and female, that are either multisexual, homosexual or bisexual is staggering in reality! People get married and are in love, have kids and go to church!

However many have other sexual contacts in the long run! Yes there are heterosexual people that never deviate and are the ideal! The aliens among us may think different,LOL! God help us all! You see from an evolutionary perspective homosxuality is deviant. And engaging in homosexual sex is unhygeinic as the anus evolved to eliminate waste and the tissue is extremely sensitive which is why when you are constipated and strain too hard you can bleed.

We can all pretend that gays are normal but we all have a biological gagreflex and our gut never lies. Have a nice day. Related: celebs in the closet Daily Fix john travolta this is a coming out post. Riese has written articles for us. You May Also Like Log in to Reply.


Is this a lavender marriage though or is Kelly totally clueless? You need to login in order to like this post: click here best comment ever. You need to login in order to like this post: click here Very good documentary on Scientology the one where the BBC journalist lost his cool while touring the anti-psychiatry museum. You need to login in order to like this post: click here they are definitely defamatory. You need to login in order to like this post: click here First, Carrie Fisher is amazing.

You need to login in order to like this post: click here Oh sure, those kids are going to be messed up for sure, but I think hope? You need to login in order to like this post: click here For sure, but what I meant was that I think again, HOPE that the Travoltas realize that their children are human beings, and as such, NEED as much love and guidance as their parents can give them. You need to login in order to like this post: click here wait, is elijah wood not gay?