Little Fugue: A Novel

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He received some glowing reviews from reviewers he'd never schmoozed, and his press which he calls "an orphanage for the unpublishable" gathered steam.

Just to make matters more quixotic, Fugue State Press only publishes novels-a hard sell to a generation weaned on the instant gratification of tv. Fugue State's books, which Chapman calls "advanced fiction," are ambitious works that stay the course and challenge the reader.

Fugue for the Right Hand

As Chapman put it, his ideal novel is a "vast impractical experiment where you to try to create a whole meaningful universe. Another oddity of his press is his hands-off approach to editing.

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While the books are strikingly designed and professionally copyedited, he refuses to homogenize his authors' styles or demand the kind of changes that might make a book a more predictable read. Sure, with such ambitious novels, and with less-than-usual mediation in the editorial process, anomalies of style or tone may crop up, but it's precisely these incongruities that fascinate Chapman: These are "the sign that there's a human being at the wheel, and he's an original, and you're going to have a real experience while you read, rather than just being taken for a nice smooth ride.

Many of the books are blackly funny and, considering the "experimental" stigma, surprisingly easy to read, like Noah Cicero's The Human War, a fiendish story of a Youngstown kid trying to drink his way past the entire Iraq war.

Sheng Keyi’s “Death Fugue” - Words Without Borders

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Something with edges. It can be as destructive as it is constructive. Sabbath explains to Robert that "Burning is the last step in the development process.


Yet you can only experience its singularity by devouring it. His poetic pen is as much at home with a dull loading job in a destitute neighbourhood downtown as in the glamorous setting of the gallery where Ted and Assia make implausible, uncomfortable love in the organ loft. Anderson's much-proclaimed poetic influences are Plath and Hughes, yet reading his book I found myself continually thinking of Eliot Thomas Stearns, of course, not George. When Robert writes of his guard duty, "I and the elder statesmen would sit upon the slats of the tin house, listening as the wind played up our little domicile's hollowness," he is the descendent of Prufrock, struggling for poetry out of urban emptiness and decay.