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See the newest novels, discuss with other book lovers, buy romance books online. Visit Harlequin. Justine Harper Perennial Forbidden Classics. Although published anonymously, de Sade was eventually indicted for blasphemy and obscenity without trial for the authorship of Birthdays for the Dead. Twelve years. Twelve dead girls.

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Thirteen will be unlucky for some. The No. A bloody, brilliant and brutal story of murder, kidnap and revenge. Like Bees to Honey. The Remedy. In this darkly beautiful and hauntingly vivid novel, Michelle Lovric, acclaimed author of The Floating Book, embarks on an unforgettable journey through the winding alleys and shadowy streets Thanks for signing up! We've emailed you instructions for claiming your free e-book. Tell us more about what you like to read so we can send you the best offers and opportunities.

Skip to content. Per page: 4 8 12 24 The Remedy by Michelle Lovric In this darkly beautiful and hauntingly vivid novel, Michelle Lovric, acclaimed author of The Floating Book, embarks on an unforgettable journey through the winding alleys and shadowy streets Year Year Sign up Now. A very sick, psychotic murderer is loose on the streets of the city. Yet the case is to become more complicated than he could imagine. The nightmare is just beginning for de Sade, a Delta Force veteran of Afghanistan.

They find themselves pitted against political interference from both American and Russian governments.

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Intricate Deceptions. Waking up in a desolate cell, Gaia realizes she has been kidnapped by a human trafficking organization, doomed to be sold to the highest bidder and unable to remember anything before her capture. An opportune rescue by Raoul, the Prince of Kayamato, saves her from a gruesome future, and throws her into a world of luxury and privilege. As she struggles to regain her memory, Gaia learns that her rescue was no accident and finds herself in even more danger.

Fighting for sanity and survival, she works to unravel the truth behind her capture, each revelation more shocking than the last. The intricate web of deceptions spun around her will shatter her world, leaving her unsure if she will ever trust again. The ex-assassin, ex-cop and ex-monk is faced with a demon from his past. Will Delaney sacrifice his life for theirs? He has just four hours to save them. Lilliana Lord. What a mystery! A great read with a cover.

Elsa Joseph.

Terry Keys. David is a great author - don't miss out on this one! Jennifer Samson. An exciting action thriller with an engaging hero and lots at stake!

Kate Rauner. Great story. The tension just builds and builds until - well, no spoilers. Read the story and find out. A woman on the run from a ruthless cyber gang sees Mike Delaney on the street. In desperation she drops something into his pocket and snaps him on her cell phone.

From that moment the ex-US assassin, ex-Hong Police enforcer and ex-monk is sucked into a war against an enemy that will stop at nothing to get it back. Whether he likes it or not, Delaney is now an accomplice and must find the woman and bring the gang to justice. Then he comes face-to-face with Mammoth. Loreticus and The Convenient Murder. I'll read this several more times over the next year or more. That's what I do when I find a great book by a wonderful storyteller! He returns to his ancestral home in the mountains, desperate to get some rest from the bickering and politics.

But as soon as he arrives back to the village, he finds that the enemy has made his family's old country house home. Within 24 hours, the interloper is dead - murdered - and Loreticus and his agent Selban are prime suspects. Can they find the missing assassin and the vanishing suspect before the generals demand that they swing for murder? Eric Beckman, a mind-reading private investigator, is spending Christmas in snowy Vermont with his wife and daughter. With the help of his ten-year-old daughter, also a mind reader, he soon learns that some of the residents of the small town are not who—or even what—they seem to be.

The Woman in Question. What would you give to correct the worst mistake of your life - especially when that mistake let a killer go free? Prominent Business tycoon, Ian Parish, is found brutally murdered and his young wife, Kerri, is arrested for the crime. The guilty verdict should be a slam dunk, but the unthinkable happens and the killer walks.

Franklin finds his career in ashes. His failure to convict Kerri continues to haunt him and years later he jumps at the chance to track down Ian's former wife and extract some private justice. The more Drake learns, though, the more questions he uncovers. Who is this woman, really? And if Drake comes up with the wrong answer, he'll end up dead.

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Available on Amazon! Lizabeth Scott. Lots of intrigue and mystery! Simone Misteloy. A tale of an attempt at redemption of a man driven by a personal obsession to right an old wrong takes the reader on a twisting and turning suspenseful ride.

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The story hooks the reader from the opening line and doesn't let go until the final sentence. An excellent read. The Bad Shepherd. Fochs and his team need to stop it before it gets worse. This is the first book in a thrilling new crime fiction series by Dale M. Nelson that digs into the music, the culture and the crimes of the s and the dark roads we take to do what we think is right. They are an International elite unit created by NATO to carry out missions where no other could hope to succeed.

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