The Eat For Keeps Experience: A Life-Saving Manual for People with Diabetes and Weight issues

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Nor can it be the amount of body fat as it is almost unchanged immediately after surgery.

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In our opinion the healing is mainly caused be a dietary change after the operation to a moreprotein-rich diet with significantly fewer carbohydrates and much less fructose, which is necessitated by the smaller stomach. Furthermore it might be caused by the reduced pressure on the pancreas after the operation allowing the pancreas to regains it normal functionality.

Albert Schweitzer was treated for a life-threatening diabetes. The concept is also based on several — especially American and Swedish — scientific studies of the effect of a protein-rich diet with significantly fewer carbohydrates.

Q. How often should we have medical and dental checkups?

The study showed that overweight type 2 diabetics who had not previously been able to lose weight, experienced less hunger and significant weight loss after switching to the diet, and that even patients with insulin-dependent type 2 diabetes in several cases could do without medication. In addition the blood pressure will be normalized and the triglycerid and the cholesterol readings will be improved — making medication with statins superfluous.

Fructose is healthy when eaten as fruit in modest quantities.

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But it is toxic in larger quantities! Type 2 diabetics should limit their intake of fructose as much as possible and the manual helps you to minimize the intake of fructose. The manual also contains information how much children respectively adults without diabetes maximum should eat daily to avoid the development of type 2 diabetes.

Approximate half of the sugar is fructose,. The concept is primarily intended for type 2 diabetics. However, it should be pointed out that it is also beneficial for type 1 diabetics to switch to a diet with fewer carbohydrates. The risk of dispensing the wrong amount of insulin is higher by eating a diet containing many carbohydrates than by a protein-rich food with more fat and fewer carbohydrates.

Blood sugar can be kept at a lower level without increased risk of hypoglycemia. The consequences of a mistake are much less when eating fewer carbohydrates. Why a low fat diet with a lot of carbohydrates often leads to obesity! Diabetes medications have side effects — especially in the long term! If pills could cure diabetes without side-effects most diabetics would probably choose medicine instead of exercising and changing lifestyle.

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Read using. RM Author: Leigh Elder. Publisher: Bookbaby. For more information, click here. This experience has also proved to be effective in workplaces, health practices and community organisations This is clearly a book with a difference - you will learn vital self-management skills and how to eat and manage yourself out of the danger zone