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Gabilan doesn't get better, so all this gruesome gore was for, well, nothing. You'd think that, after a scene like this, Jody might have a fear of blood. But nope. He draws it himself, just a few pages later, when he attacks the buzzard that's chowing down on poor, dead Gabilan:.

His fingers found the neck of the struggling bird. The red eyes looked into his face, calm and fearless and fierce; the naked head turned from side to side.

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Then the beak opened up and vomited a putrefied fluid. He held the neck to the ground with one hand while his other found a piece of sharp white quartz. The first blow broke the beak sideways and black blood spurted from the twisted, leathery mouth corners.

Shmoopers, it doesn't get much bloodier than that. That's the stuff of nightmares right there.

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A few lines later, we find out that Jody's got blood all over his face, which his father has to wipe off. Apparently, this kid is so hurt by Gabilan's death that he wants to hurt the world back. The buzzard just happens to be the first thing that comes along. You thought we were done, didn't you? Ah, but this just wouldn't be a section on blood if we didn't tackle what just might be the most horrifying, bloody scene of all: Nellie's death, and the birth of the colt.

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After he smashes Nellie's head in with a hammer and cuts the colt out of her yep, you read that right , "Billy's face and arms and chest were dripping red" 3. Say it with Shmoop: gross. Jody's colt is delivered in what could very well be the most violent and bloody way possible. Does this affect the boy?

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Well, he never says as much, but we take the fact that he never mentions the colt again to mean that he wasn't exactly thrilled with the way the animal came into the world. Still, Jody's learned an important lesson. Life is messy—things are born and die very quickly, and often it's more than a little unpleasant. It's something Billy knows well, working on a ranch, and it's something poor Jody's just gonna have to get used to.

All rights reserved. What's Up With the Ending? The first time we see blood, it's harmless, painless, and kind of delicious: Jody took three eggs on his plate and followed with three thick slices of crisp bacon. After all, he's seen his fair share of blood in his work, and he's about to see a lot more: Jody sobbed once as the bright knife point disappeared in [Gabilan's] throat.