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He bargains with the shopkeeper for her head, and returns to his home in a lather of expectation. He lavishes care on the life-size and eventually life-like porcelain head, holding long conversations with "Isabel" as he washes her face and combs out the tangles in her long dark hair. Matthew treats her as his lover, even as his wife, to the point of fashioning a body for the head. In fact, increasingly complex and complicated bodies, first from straw, and later from brass and clockwork mechanical parts.

However, Matthew Goddard is only a clockmaker; he works for his living. Creating Isabel's body out of brass and parts is expensive. And in their intimate conversations, Isabel tells Matthew that she wants clothing as well. As a single man, Matthew has no socially acceptable method of purchasing female clothing, not to mention ladies' "unmentionables"! But Matthew is adept at creating small mechanical objects, clockworks in other words. And in that time and place, many ladies suffered from what was then called "hysteria", an imbalance of the so-called "female humors".

Matthew creates a secret business in vibrators, which he demonstrates to a select clientele. His clients pay him in articles of clothing, which he uses to dress Isabel. Everything is fine, until one of his clients wants more from Matthew than he is willing to give. She spills the beans to her husband, selectively edited, of course.

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The townsfolk head for the store with fire and pitchforks. Matthew's only desire is to save Isabel at all costs. Their love was worth everything to him. But is Isobel real?

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Or only a clockwork? Escape Rating A-: This was wild, and there were some parts of the wild that were a little bit true! As I read the story, a part of me kept wondering if Isabel was real, or if the whole thing was in Matthew's head. It is very, very easy to get taken along with his delusion, or illusion, that Isabel is a real person, and not a clockwork, especially when he's making love with her.

You're also never totally sure how far he's gotten with making her into an automata or android as we would think of it, either. Does Isabel become self-aware?

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We never know. There is a Pygmalion aspect as well. Matthew creates the woman he wishes existed, and then she falls in love with him. Pygmalion is one of the great myths, and it's been told and re-played multiple times, George Bernard Shaw wrote one famous version of Pygmalion, which in turn inspired My Fair Lady. Of course, the creation doesn't always fall in love with her creator! The business about the vibrator business, that part is from history. If you want to read a hilarious account this plus some of the other even weirder things that went on in the name of health, try The Road to Wellville by T.

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Boyle never judge a book by its movie. A surprise that you notice I am not spoiling for you. May 29, Alisha rated it liked it Shelves: xarchive-bli-rev. Well, almost. To say that it is atypical and original is an understatement!

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Stella: I agree! It is nothing like I have read or heard of! Alisha: Right. The use of Pygmalion mythology is the first thing that jumps out at the reader: gifted artisan that is lonely and decides to create his own perfect partner using his artistic gifts.

What really starts to set the story apart from that initial trope is its depiction in explicitly sensual terms. I think Heather Massey is a visionary and her imagination is stunning. Maybe at times hard to follow, but stunning nonetheless. At all times, I felt this dual awareness—much like Matthew did—of the fact that he was both romancing an object and discovering a true partnership with another entity.

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This book certainly asks a lot of the reader in terms of imagination and buying into the fantasy. At once, he sank into a wild, exuberant fantasy. Obviously, this book is meant to be romantica so it has to qualify as having certain elements. It was certainly the most challenging aspect. But I did appreciate how the author gives that particular aspect more depth by touching upon some of the factors that brought Matthew to his general disdain for humankind and his kinship with automata.

There was a lot of valuable emotional import there. Stella: What kept the sex scenes from turning icky was how much emotion Heather Massey put behind them. Matthew was a good and honest man with a generous heart and need for love. And the depth of his feelings, the way he wove himself more and more into the webs of his delusion as if he were sinking in a swamp made me feel worried about him and how crushed he will be once he realizes that the doll he fell in love with is not the living, breathing person of his daydreams.

Alisha: Once the romance kicked into full gear later in the story …I was rather intrigued. Impressed, too. And he did care. To see the depth of his emotions about Isabel—he would do anything for her! He really gave himself over completely to his love for Isabel; he was utterly devoted to her, his whole life, his every day was centered around Isabel and to making her happy.

Alisha: Aw.

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I really liked the later parts of the story; once the various plot threads started to come together, this tale was like watching a Quentin Tarantino movie. Stella: The ending was quite an unexpected twist and resolution to the culminating catharsis. With wonderfully smooth and evocative writing Heather Massey took me to an amazing and foreign world which I found enthralling. The emotional exploration is truly unique, making for an unforgettable experience. But nonetheless, this tale is anything but boring, typical, and predictable.


Apr 02, Pippa Jay rated it really liked it Shelves: adventure , scifi , sfr-brigade , sfr-brigade-book , short-story , space-opera. THE GOOD: While on the surface this may seem another erotica story, underneath it lies a sweet and timeless romance where two soul mates manage to meet, and even death holds no barrier.

The beautiful detailing in the writing perfectly reflects the time that it's set in. At first I though Matthew a sweet but deluded man, driven into a realm of illusion by his loneliness. But as the story unfolds you begin to wonder if it really is all in his head or whether there is life in his clockwork lad THE GOOD: While on the surface this may seem another erotica story, underneath it lies a sweet and timeless romance where two soul mates manage to meet, and even death holds no barrier. But as the story unfolds you begin to wonder if it really is all in his head or whether there is life in his clockwork lady.

The end has a surprising twist.